why custom steel fab?

Trust. Ability. Skilled Labour.

About Custom Steel Fab

We are an Australian owned and operated company. Operating since 2014. Our main workshop is located in Mt Isa QLD with services extending through out QLD & Northern Territory.

Since 2014 we are continually moving forward, innovating and improving. When working with Custom Steel Fab you have a peace of mind that every project or service will be completed safely and with our high-quality standard.


We wouldn’t be Custom Steel Fab if we didn’t have trust we operate each project as our personal, one-on-one approach, because we don’t just assist with the building of your project, we build strong relationships based on trust, reliability and peace of mind.

Ability To operate 24/7 365

We wouldn’t be Custom Steel Fab if we didn’t have our ability to reach our incredible deadlines operating a service that operates 2 crews 24 hrs per day, with this ability breakdown or urgent projects and jobs are completed with no extra cost so you can reach you budget and timeline.

Skilled Labour

We wouldn’t be Custom Steel Fab without skilled labour. We have very strict guidelines when it comes to adding an extra employee to our team. We have a saying “you Pay Peanuts You get Monkeys” this is not a numbers game we have quality over quantity. 

Quality Control

We wouldn’t be Custom Steel Fab if we didn’t have our Quality Control, with strict quid lines a QA procedure delivers and makes sure your product and services fits every time.

We understand the problem

We wouldn’t be Custom Steel Fab if we didn’t understand what problems we have in our industry, we work as a team to understand our clients and to make their lives at ease and at the same deliver our steel excellence.

Award Winners

Northern Outback Business Awards:

⭐️Business Innovation
⭐️Workplace of choice
⭐️Digital strategy

We would love to thank the Mount Isa community and our clients.

Without you guys we wouldn’t be where we are today.


Did You Know?

Custom Steel Fab was Originally called START Construction & Hire in August 2018 Travis McElligott (owner Director) changed the name to Custom Steel Fab. “if you have to explain your company name for what industry you are already in, you have already lost” Travis McElligott said. “Myself and the team are very excited about our new look and name change” but it doesn’t stop there, we have created our new mission statement, we are controlling our clients experience from start to finish, we are now taking on the industry to deliver steel excellence.

Custom Steel Fab Pty Ltd

2 Traders Way | PO Box 575 | Mount Isa Qld 4825

P: +61 (0)7 4743 0330
W: www.customsteelfab.com.au

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